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East Park Primary School will provide a foundation for our children's future life and education by aiming for quality and working for excellence.

East Park Primary School is a community school. Children are able to start in our Nursery, when spaces become available, after their third birthday. Children who are successful in their application for a school place will start in Foundation in the year of their fifth birthday. They will continue their education at the School for Key Stage 1 (Infant) and Key Stage 2 (Junior Education).  In Year 6 pupils and their parents and carers will choose a secondary school.

Aims of the School

East Park Primary School is a caring community where we foster independence and celebrate achievement. The School is firmly committed to engendering and encouraging the principles of equality of opportunity. The School is determined to achieve quality in all that it does. Our School is resolute in its undertaking to pursue excellence and in its intent to maintain the challenge of realising the concepts of continuous improvement as a working principle in all that is does. We have high expectations and standards. It is our aim to realise the potential of each child. By providing equality of opportunity through our curriculum, each child is prepared for life in a society where each individual is able to respect and understand the needs of others as well as their own. We want our children as adults to be happy, responsible and productive citizens who can make the most of their talents, skills, qualifications and opportunities for themselves and for others.

At East Park Primary School we aim:-

  • To realise the potential of each child by providing equality of opportunity in our School.
  • To ensure the safety and security of all the School Community.
  • To have a differentiated curriculum which provides for the needs of our children.
  • To nurture and promote self-respect, respect for others and mutual responsibility.
  • To encourage a caring and meaningful partnership in our School and the Community we serve.
  • To have high expectations and standards in all that the School does.

The governing body is responsible for:-

  • Ensuring that the information above is published on the school website – or arranging for the information to be displayed on a website, and the address/details made known to parents
  • Providing a paper copy of the information published on the website, without charge, to parents on request
  • Making sure that the information is updated as soon as is reasonably practicable following a change to that information and, in any event, at least annually

East Park Primary School is committed to the promotion of British Values and ensuring that all of our pupils are prepared for life in modern Britain. Please click here for further information.

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